Permanent By-Pass filtration Unit for Hydraulic Oil Information

Permanent By-Pass filtration Unit for Turbine Oil
18. februára 2021
Injection molding machines and Hydraulic applications
6. mája 2021

Study case:
Regular hydraulic oil change with change of primary filters in hydraulic system according maintenance interval.

Why to go for the By-Pass Oil Filtration:
The By-Pass Oil Filtration unit extends the life time of the hydraulic system as well as extends the oil change interval, and primary filter change interval.

How it Works:
It works through a Secondary By-Pass Filtration unit with its own pump connected independently to the hydraulic system of the machine. It operates when the engine is running without effecting the operation of the machine.


  • Extension of Oil Change interval. (2 – 3 times.)
  • Extension of Primary Filters lifetime. (2 – 3 times.)
  • Removal of water and mechanical contamination (metal abrasion, silicates, dust, sand etc.)
  • Slowdown of Oil Degradation (acidity, antioxidant …
  • Cost savings related with buying less oil and with the reduction disposal of waste oil.
  • Reduction in general wear and tear. Extending the lifetime of the hydraulic System.
  • Reduction in repair costs and downtime. (up to 50 %).
  • Environmentally friendly conditions. Make the planet green again. Less oil waste.
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