Injection molding machines and Hydraulic applications

Permanent By-Pass filtration Unit for Hydraulic Oil Information
18. februára 2021
Filtračné riešenia s vysokou čistotou
28. mája 2021

The Study Case:

  • Injection molding machine: Engel 1701
  • Oil: Hydraulic oil LUKOIL Geyser ST 46
  • Tank volume: 3 000 l

Why to implement bypass oil filtration to hydraulic applications:

The hydraulic oil in injection molding machines and hydraulic applications have standards for the cleanness class, viscosity, water content, total acid number and the last decade varnish content. The maintaining the standards incorrectly will reflect overall maintenance ability for breakdowns and down cost. 80% of all breakdowns lead to unclean oil. The primary filters are effective only in the certain degree protecting the specific parts of hydraulic systems but they are not able to protect overall hydraulic system with the extension of oil change intervals and reducing the breakdowns. The bypass filtration or the secondary filtration will maintain all standards in sustainable level for longer period of time in addition it will extend the oil change and primary filter elements intervals by 2-3 times. Moreover the whole process will lead to environment friendly culture by reducing dangerous goods and spills…

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