Permanent By-Pass filtration Unit for Turbine Oil
18. februára 2021

Extending oil change interval from 250 hours to 1000 hours

Study case:

  • regular Oil exchange on engine or sub engine after 250 hours together with exchange of primary filters.

Why to use Bypass Oil filtration:

  • Oil filtration extend lifetime of the engine and extend the oil change interval from 250 hours to 1000 hours.

How it works:

  • secondary bypass filtration unit equipped with unique filter media connected directly to the engine in combination with special media air filter.


  • extension of oil change up to 4 times from 250 hours to 1000 hours
  • extension of lifetime for primary filters
  • removal of mechanical contamination (carbon, metal abrasion, silicates, dust, sand)
  • slowing down of oil degradation
  • cost savings associated with oil purchase and waste oil management
  • important reduction of wear and extension of engine lifetime
  • reducing repair costs and downtime (up to 50%)
  • high environmental benefits of lower consumption of engine oil
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