FS-1 series
4. November 2019
FS-7 series
4. November 2019

FA-1 series

Inline filters with spin-on cartridge, suitable for use on suction, return or low pressure line.

Available with or without bypass, indicator port is a standard option to fit a visual or electrical indicator.

Max. operating: 12 bar
Burst: 20 bar

Connection ports:
G 3/4” – 1 1/2”

Head: aluminium alloy
Bowl: painted steel
Seal: NBR

No by-pass or:
– 0,25 bar setting (suction)
– 1,7 bar setting (return)

Filter media:
Inorganic microfiter: G03 – G06 – G10 – G25
Paper: C10 – C25
Wire mesh: T60 – T125

Differential collapse pressure:
5 bar

Operating temperature range:
-25°C + 120°C

Fluid compatibility:
Full with HH-HL-HM-HV (acc. To ISO 2943)